Meisterstück aus Deutschland

Unsere koreanischen Freunde haben uns eine Rezension über MAWA-Kleiderbügel zugeschickt. Freundlicherweise auch die englische Übersetzung dazu:

Masterpiece hanger from Germany

What can be the standard to define a masterpiece? German brand MAWA is the answer, which has been a barometer of hangers worldwide for about 60 years.

The power of this brand comes from the best materials which are metal part only made out of German steel and European organic wood. MAWA product is used for worldwide shops of Boss and Mercedes-Benz, and it is specially coated for slip-free so light clothes made of silk or some clothes hard to be balanced. MAWA product is toxic free and eco-friendly, so can’t even be compared to Chinese sleep-free coating with cheaper price. Purchase is available at general department stores and big stores.