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MAWA liegt es besonders am Herzen vor allem in dieser Zeit für Sie, für unsere Partner und Kunden weltweit unterstützend zur Seite zu stehen. MAWA hat hierfür ein Kundenunterstützungsprogramm in Coronazeiten ins Leben gerufen. Da dem Online-Selling derzeit große Bedeutung zukommt, ist dies eine besondere Chance, Erfahrungen zu sammeln. In dem Programm werden entsprechende länderspezifische Plattformen wie beispielsweise Amazon und andere identifiziert und ein entsprechendes Finanzierungpaket von MAWA für Sie zusammengeschnürt. Melden Sie sich gerne, wenn wir Ihr Interesse an unserem Unterstützungsprogramm wecken konnten! 

Den Austausch über die verschiedenen Ländern hinweg möchten wir mit Ihnen auch sonst teilen, um einen Einblick in die weltweite Situation durch Corona zu geben. Dazu haben wir unsere Partner in verschiedenen Länder gebeten einige Insights zu geben. Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle für Ihr Feedback. Aber lesen sie selber, was unsere Partner schreiben:

China: “As a MAWA Partner in China, I´dike to share the experience how we get over the Corona Virus Epidemic period. The corona virus outbroke coincides with our traditional Chinese the Spring Festival holidays. During the outbreaking period, we must stay at home and no chance to meet the relatives and friends face to face.. Housing administrative managers do not allow outsiders to enter in. Every family only get 3 pieces Temporary License using for shopping and emergency. We need wearing masks and Temperature test when we walked in the supermarket or any public areas. Almost all stores and restaurants are closed even if the supermarket shortened the business hours. Fortunately, the living materials were in good supply and the express service were still which really helped the family got the vegetables, meats, and Etc. But many families were short of masks, and the government had taken measures to provide 5 masks to each family which effectively controlled the spread between people. All schools were closed. With the further improvement of the medical system, every infected people had effective treatment.  Quarantine measures were strictly and consciously taken by everyone. When people went back to work form their hometown, they must register on the Public healthy control APP and stay at home for 14 days before working. Our office was disinfected and tested temperature every day. The outbreak had been almost controlled about the end of Feb. Up to now, we still wear the masks in the public areasge1. In Shanghai, everything are getting recovery. Anyway, there are not too much people in the restaurant. The public entertaining places for instance the cinema and karaoke are still closed. The students are studying online lessons at home. Maybe in May they have possibility sitting at the classroom. Hope that the global epidemic will end as soon as possible and everything will return to normal. Wish all the MAWA Partners stay healthy.“

Japan:                                                                                                                                                “Let me explain about current situation in Japan. Before emergency declaration by government in April 7th, most of stores have been closed except drugstores (pharmacy that also sell daily necessities and household goods) and food stores, restaurants. Apart from that, some prefectual governors in big cities urged not to open pubs and bars for about a month, and also requested all Izakayas (that are complex pubs with restaurants) to cloese at 20h PM. It also requested not to sell alcohol after 19h PM. This is a bit confusing but Japanese government and each governors cannot force and/or ban our actions due to original human rights, but most of shops and stores have been closing voluntarily caused by self-restraint request of government and govenors. At Tokyo, we can buy foods and toilet rolls as usuall but we cannot buy fashion items and clothes, toys etc. I assume hair salon seem to be opened but not nail salon and eyelush salon. Most of stores and salons that are not related on life and daily necessities are closed.”

Korea: “In Korea, Corona virus is descreasing now. Infection rates are low so the situation in Korea is much better.

Schools are planning to open next month so I think everything goes ok. Luckily, we have been working full time during past 2 months because nobody has been infected. We are waiting for Mawa hangers to be arrived. I am working on selling plans for Mawa. But because of Corona virus, market situaion is not good. I will find the best way to sell Mawa. About the tracking we do, Government informs every detail about people infected by text messages. Also, If the citihall finds where they live or go, the place is sterilized. I think tracking system works well. 

Under the COVID 19 situation, the Government had to impose very exceptional requirements for the people who are either ill of COVID 19 or had been near the place where any COVID ill people had visited. All these ill people and anyone else who had been in the same place visited by COVID 19 ill people must download the COVID 19 Tracking APP and must call in twice a day at the COVID 19 Control Center. Most places in Korea we find CCTV cameras installed. CCTV cameras are used only for tracing crime committed in the building or around the building.  These cameras were used in identifying people who visited the place if and when ill people were learned to visit the place. After Ambiente, we had visited a factory in UK.  On the way back to Korea, we had to fly Singapore Airline to Seoul via Singapore after we missed our connecting Korean flight to Seoul due to a delayed arrival by a heavy storm. After a few days in Korea, I called my dentist for an appointment but I was advised that I had to wait out for two weeks from the time I came from Singapore. Singapore was one of the countries in the „watchful“ countries. Even I was so shocked at how comprehensive the tracking system is set and working. Later I learned that even pharmacies are connected to the system, so if people on the ‚watchful‘ list came to a pharmacy asking for any medicines connected with COVID 19 symptoms the COVID Control Center will be informed immediately.  It’s been very tough trial days for all people but we are not sure yet what we would expect to take place in the coming days. It’s quite a scary situation. It’s so terrible for the fact that so many small business are going bankrupt each day. We really hope that all these terrible situation will be over soon-very soon.”

Singapore: “Situation here is not so bad.  Of course offices are closed and staff is advised to work from home. But Retail Shops and everything else is open, but very little “traffic” down by 50%. Online sales have gone up by 25% to 30%. Also home deliveries.”

Spanien: „Wir sind seit 35 Tagen zu Hause eingeschlosssen, aber gesund. Zumindest stehen weitere 3 Wochen bevor.  Verwandte meiner Frau sind infiziert, aber unter Kontrolle. Ihr Vetter wurde heute aus der Intensivstation entlassen. Mein bester Freund ist unverhofft am 15.04.2020 an Covid 19 gestorben. Die offiziellen Zahlen sind weitaus höher als angegeben. Vor allen Dingen sterben die alten Leute in den Altenheimen wie die Fliegen. Die ganze Situation wurde zu spät sowie falsch angegriffen. Weit über 35.000 Sanitäter und Ärzte sind infiziert und schlecht ausgerüstet. Meine Bekannten arbeiten als Ärzte und Krankenschwestern. Ihre Berichte sind haarsträubend. Viele Leute im Ausland meinen, dass wir hier nur einen Schnupfen haben, aber die Situation ist sehr ernst und die Wirtschaft sehr angeschlagen. In 10 Jahren werden wir das wohl wieder überstanden haben.“

„Wir  sind so euphorisch, dass es nun wieder los geht. Die Maßnahmen werden gelockert.
Wir haben uns gleich diese Woche bei MAWA gemeldet und auch bestellt. Wir sind alle so guter Laune.  Schon erstaunlich was das ausmacht.“

GB:                                                                                                                                                    “The COVID-19 situation in the UK is similar to Germany, however with a delay of around three weeks. Unfortunately there is a lack of PPE and testing. While the situation in hospitals and care homes is tense, people are doing well following government guidelines of staying at home and only leaving the house for exercise or essential shopping trips. Schools and shops are all closed and we expect this to continue for now. My sister in law works as a doctor and it’s been great to see how supportive the whole country is of all our key workers.”

Frankreich: Einen ganz persönlichen Einblick in die Situation des Homeoffice gab uns unsere französischer Partnerin: „Ich habe mich im Homeoffice gut eingerichtet und stehe unseren Kunden nun Vollzeit von zuhause aus zur Verfügung. Wir sind zu fünft, meine vier Kinder und ich, und sind sehr dankbar, dass wir einen Garten haben und jeder seinen eigenen Computer in seinem eigenen Zimmer hat! Logistisch und versorgungstechnisch mangelt es uns an nichts: Unsere Markthändler beliefern uns nun teilweise zuhause und in unserem Ort herrscht eine große Solidarität mit Tauschgeschäften und gemeinsamen Aufträgen. Um mit unseren Freunden in Kontakt zu bleiben, organisieren wir Treffen via Zoom und WhatsApp – das macht Spaß! Und was macht unsere Großmutter? Sie näht Masken für das Personal des Krankenhauses! Die Gemeinde, in der wir leben, hat außerordentliche Maßnahmen ergriffen, um Ansteckung zu vermeiden, wofür wir sehr dankbar sind!“

Ihr MAWA Team